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Altronic I Ignition System

Altronic I Ignition System iconBefore troubleshooting your Altronic I Ignition System, first replace your spark plug and check for loose wires or broken connections on all the engine safety shutdown switches.

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Clutch Tips

Clutch Tips iconClutch Tips provides helpful information on troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for clutch pads and updating your "old style" clutch. 

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Arrow Parts Cross Reference

Arrow Engine Parts for Other Engines iconSome Arrow parts will cross-over and can be used on other engines like Gemini, Kubota and Arrow VR Series.


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Engine Compression Ratios

Compressiion Ratios iconCompression ratios in pounds per square inch for Arrow Engines.

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C & L Series Maintenance

C&L Series Maintenance iconAn easy, inexpensive way to reduce production costs on pumping wells is to properly maintain the pumping engine.

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Gas Engine Fuel Setup

Tech Tip Flue SetupProper Fuel Set Up for Arrow Gas Engines. Arrow Natural gas engines will operate on a wide range of fuels, including natural gas, wellhead gas, pipeline gas, and propane.

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C-Series Troubleshooting

C-Series Troubleshooting iconThis chart covers many of the common problems that may be encountered with the C-Series engines. It also provides troubleshooting measures.

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General Tips

General Tips iconHelpful tips on a number of maintenance and service subjects.

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